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I come from The Method School of acting which has it's roots in the Actor's Studio set up by Lee Strasberg in New York. The school has had many great actors through it's doors including Marlon Brando and Al Pacino.I have had the pleasure of learning with several of the members of the original Actors Studio such as Don Fellows (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Superman II) and Marianna Hill (Godfather Part 2, Remington Steele) that were able to draw on their lifetime of experience using The Method in film and theatre to make the classroom experience come to life.

As well as performing I also enjoy the odd spot of writing. I've written sketches for the Canal Cafe Theatre, my own very surreal movie comedy at www.flirt-school.com and in 2008 at the Edinburgh Festival I was chosen from amongst thousands of comedy writer hopefuls to join Immense Productions. A team of writers put together by comedy writer Guy Browning and Thomas Norton to write British comedy films using the American production style.The recession meant the funding ran out and our genius was wasted but in 2009 Guy went on the write the shoestring budget romantic comedy 'Tortoise In Love' due for release in summer 2010 while I didn't. That's the way the cookie crumbles but it's not over yet so in 2010 I've decided to say FUCK YOU to the recession and set up my own sketches and other happy stuff at happy-talk.tv. Details coming soon.

I am a very easy person to work who is reliable, down to earth,and enjoys being part of a close team. I also enjoy sharing a joke or two which is absolutely essential to while away all that potentially boring downtime waiting around.. If you like what you see and would like to get in contact then just click on Contact on the drop down menu above to email me.

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